Benjamin J. Anderson

      Software Engineer at Mashable
      Adjunct Faculty - CVTC

BSc - Information & Communication Technologies
MSc - Data Science

Software Development Middleware

JavaScript, Webpack

An implementation of a generic middleware under the assumption that the application will be utilizing multiple sockets.

Z80 Emulator

C++, Ruby

A Z80 emulator developed with extensive documentation and unit tests for my presentation at the Chippewa Valley Code Camp.


Ruby, Kafka, Zookeeper

Kraken is Mashable's data pipeline. Open-sourced in 2017.


C, C++, YACC, React

Gambit is a for-educational-purposes only programming language, compiler, and virtual machine. It includes a re-playable VM state analyzer called Board and Human-readable error module called Check.

Emulation Tutorial


Chippewa Valley Developers group presentation and guide to understanding emulation and emulation techniques.

Hackable Mi

JavaScript, MelonJS

Github Gameoff 2016 winner Guide Mi through an array of puzzles and mazes with code

Isometic Game Engine Demo

JavaScript, WebGL

2.5D Game Engine built on top of MelonJS to support isometric models.

Scriptable Sprites Plugin Demo

JavaScript, React

This is an extension of the MelonJS engine to script sprites with JSON through a concurrent queuing system. (Press enter key to go text).

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